Petersburg reacted to the demolition of part of the city for the sake of the Russian megaproject

“Fontanka”: residents of St. Petersburg worried about the destruction of pre-revolutionary houses for the sake of high-speed rail ) Moscow – St. Petersburg worried residents of the northern capital. Most of the townspeople reacted negatively to resettlement due to one of the main Russian megaprojects, writes Fontanka.

From July 2022 to February 2023, the buildings at the Farforovsky post are planned to be destroyed without restoration – four residential and one administrative owned by Russian Railways. Due to the proximity to the tracks, part of the apartments from the organization was received by railway workers in this microdistrict. On the site of the buildings, it is planned to build a platform for the high-speed rail, along which it will be possible to cover the distance between the largest cities in 2 hours 15 minutes.

The townspeople are afraid of losing their homes or being resettled in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, as happened with the owners of apartments in dilapidated buildings. Many of them depend on infrastructure, including kindergartens and schools. Others worry that they will not be able to visit sick relatives.

However, Russian Railways promises to provide monetary compensation to Petersburgers. The amount will be enough to buy an apartment with the same footage in the area where they now live. However, not all townspeople are satisfied with this alignment. “Our grandmothers lived here, this is a unique place, which are practically absent in the city. Even if we agree to a dignified resettlement, we do not agree to the destruction of history, ”said a resident of one of the houses for demolition.

City defenders are also against the demolition of buildings. They proposed to recognize the quarter as a historical monument and make it uninhabited. However, the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments (KGIOP) refused them, and Russian Railways considered it impossible – the houses are located too close to the railway.

An early large-scale project of the High-Speed ​​Railroad was discussed at the Council on Conservation cultural heritage. According to the developers' plan, for the construction of the terminal it will be necessary to demolish buildings in the area of ​​Ligovsky Prospekt, the Galereya shopping and entertainment center, the railway and Transportny lane. In another part of the city, for the construction of a platform, it was planned to destroy five pre-revolutionary houses at the Farforovsky post and the Farforovskaya station itself – unlike the objects in the center, these buildings are not guarded by the city authorities.