Pensioner killer caught 20 years later thanks to the handle of her bag

A killer from the UK was arrested 20 years after the crime thanks to a DNA trail

A pensioner killer who has been hiding from justice for more than 20 years has been caught in the UK. This is reported by Metro.

The London Police Department managed to solve a murder in an attempted robbery and detain the criminal thanks to the traces of the criminal's DNA found on the handle of the victim's bag in 2021.

According to the investigation, Junior Young, who was 18 years old at the time of the crime, together with an accomplice attacked 86-year-old Hilda Lorket on April 30, 2001. Young men beat an elderly woman, took away her purse with 15 pounds sterling, a shopping bag and a bus pass. Lorket was taken from the hospital with a traumatic brain injury and a broken leg. She died two weeks later, never recovering from her trauma and psychological shock.

The investigation quickly came to a standstill for lack of evidence. Nevertheless, Young was involved in the case as a suspect and was detained a few weeks after the attack, but then he was released without charge.

The experts managed to obtain new data only in 2021 – a trace was found on the handle of the bag of the deceased Young's DNA. In court, the man completely denied his guilt. He stated that his DNA could have entered the bag by accident, since “there were a lot of robberies in the area where he lived at the time.”

“You are trying to convince us that you somehow entered contact with the perpetrator, and he transferred your biological material to the victim's bag? ” – Young asked the prosecutor, to which he replied that it is “quite possible.”

Young is currently in custody on charges of robbery and manslaughter. The jury has already found him guilty unanimously. The verdict will be pronounced on December 20.

Earlier it was reported that in Scotland it was possible to solve a murder committed more than 35 years ago. The killer's DNA was found on the victim's robe, after which the perpetrator was identified and arrested.