NASA launches spacecraft to strike an asteroid

NASA launches DART to collide with the asteroid Didyme B spacecraft Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART), which, having collided with the asteroid Didyma B, will change its trajectory, NASA reports.

The ground. NASA is confident that this will change the trajectory of the asteroid, as a result of which it will not be able to collide with the planet.

Asteroid Didyme B itself does not pose a threat to Earth and was chosen by NASA as a target for the strike due to the fact that a potential change in its trajectory would not pose a threat to the planet.

DART should reach the asteroid in 10 months.

Didyme B's diameter is estimated at 160 meters. Didim B revolves around 780-meter Didim A with a period of 11 hours 55 minutes. According to, after the collision, the first will revolve around the second with a period of 11 hours 45 minutes.

In November, NASA Deputy Head Thomas Zurbuchen announced that the risks for the Earth to collide with asteroids known to scientists in the next 100 years not observed.



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