MSU employees who refused to get vaccinated were suspended from working with students

MSU Rector Sadovnichy: MSU employees without vaccinations were suspended from working with students said the rector of the university Viktor Sadovnichy, his words are quoted by TASS.

He noted that out of 20 thousand employees, about 800 people, that is, 4-4.5 percent, have not been vaccinated. According to him, the situation is worst of all at three faculties.

“We know who has contraindications, we know who was vaccinated, revaccinated, we know who is simply an ideological opponent. I issued an order asking such people to be removed from contacts with students. For the first time. And then we will think, “Sadovnichy emphasized.

Earlier, the government proposed making it mandatory throughout Russia to present QR codes by passengers of trains and airplanes, as well as when visiting public places. On November 12, draft amendments were introduced to the State Duma regarding the use of QR codes confirming the fact of vaccination against coronavirus or a disease that has been transferred over the past six months.

The draft on mandatory QR codes will be sent for consideration to the Russian regions, the Public chamber, the Accounts Chamber and the Federation Council until December 14 inclusive.