Mironov responded to the letter of doctors to anti-vaccines

The leader of the SRHR Mironov, in response to a letter from doctors, said that he was not opposed to vaccination is not opposed to vaccination, the press secretary of the party Emilia Zatolochnaya told Lente.ru.

Previously, well-known doctors issued an open letter in which they invited anti-vaccination politicians and stars to visit intensive care units and morgue-like hospitals, in the number of addressees included Mironov.

“With regard to me and our party, the letter is clearly to the wrong address. I have always said that vaccination is necessary to defeat a pandemic, I vaccinated myself, I never hid this fact, as well as my intention to revaccinate. Today, almost all members of our faction have been vaccinated, and those who have not done so are those who have recently been ill and cannot do it yet, ”Mironova quoted Zatolnaya as saying. The party leader also noted that he is well aware of what is happening in the “red zones” of hospitals, that he held dozens of meetings with doctors, health workers, vaccine developers and representatives of patient communities.

“It's another matter that I and my colleagues have always opposed how the vaccination campaign is being conducted, by what methods. How enmity is implanted, conflict, how people are knocked together and illegally deprived of their most vital and legal rights. We insist on deliberate and voluntary vaccination, we have criticized and will continue to criticize various forms of coercion and the practice of gross violation of civil rights and human dignity, no matter how well-intentioned they try to justify it. I am convinced that such methods do not help in the fight against the pandemic, but lead to exactly the opposite results, “Mironov summed up.