Maslyakov thought about retirement

KVN host Maslyakov: young people are working around, I already have thoughts about retirement about retirement, but has not yet made a final decision. He spoke about this in an interview with TASS on the eve of his anniversary.

“I myself already have such thoughts. On retirement. Young guys are working around, San Sanych, his son, has grown strong for a long time, does not need support. In a word, you just need to make up your mind, “Maslyakov said.

He also explained what exactly prevents him from leaving his post. “I haven't analyzed it deeply, but I understand that I will be very nervous looking at KVN from the outside. And in old age it is better to save nerve cells, which, as you know, cannot be restored, “the TV presenter shared.

accusations that the project stole the format from KVN. According to humorists, these are different formats.

The words of the General Director of Channel One Konstantin Ernst about the stolen game were heard at the Moscow Mayor's Cup before the announcement of the final estimates. A month earlier, the head and host of KVN Alexander Maslyakov criticized the “Game”, calling it a copy of KVN.



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