Italy will have a “super-certificate” for the fight against coronavirus

La Stampa: Italy will introduce Super Green Pass on vaccination or postponed COVID-19

Italy will tighten measures to combat the pandemic coronavirus. In particular, the country will have a Super Green Pass sanitary pass, indicating vaccination or transferred COVID-19, writes La Stampa.

“Super-certificate” will be introduced in Italy from December 6 to January 15, but if necessary it will continue to be used in the future. The document is planned to be issued for nine months. It will be received by vaccinated residents of Italy and those who have recently suffered from the coronavirus. However, the document will not be issued with a negative test for infection.

Super Green Pass will be needed in the regions of Italy, little affected by the coronavirus. The certificate will have to be presented for attending performances, concerts, stadiums, nightclubs, public events, as well as indoor bars and restaurants. Thus, the country's authorities plan to protect the relatively COVID-19-free zones from a new wave of the disease.

In Italy, they will also continue to issue the already valid “basic” certificate – the Green Pass, which unvaccinated citizens of the country can receive with a negative test for coronavirus. Such a pass gives the right to use public transport, go to work in the office and stay in hotels.

From December 15, vaccination against COVID-19 will become mandatory for the military, police in Italy and administrative personnel in the health sector. For medical personnel, a mandatory third, booster zone of the vaccine will be introduced.

Earlier, the Italian Ministry of Health called for mutual recognition of vaccines against coronavirus. In this matter, one should be guided only by the opinion of the scientific community, the department emphasized.