In Ukraine, they announced an internecine war of the elites

Political scientist Karasev: there is an internal war in Ukraine, it makes no sense for Russia to attack

Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev said that it is senseless for Russia to attack Ukraine, since there is an internecine war going on in the republic. His performance on Ukrlive is available on YouTube.

“I see no point in direct intrusion. Because when there is an internal war between political elites, between the government and the opposition, between oligarchs, between former and current officials, then why an external war? External aggression only mobilizes and consolidates the elites or the ruling class, which are fighting among themselves in an internecine war, “Karasev said.

In his opinion, it is beneficial for Russia to sway the situation in Ukraine.

Earlier Bloomberg reported that, according to US intelligence, Russia plans to attack Ukraine in 2022. The Kremlin replied that they were not hatching any aggressive plans.



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