In Ukraine, the official death rate from COVID-19 was considered half as low

NAS: mortality from coronavirus is 2.15 times higher than registered

reasons associated with the coronavirus, twice underestimated. This was reported on Wednesday, November 24, by “”.

“A preliminary analysis of excess mortality showed that the total mortality due to causes associated with COVID-19 during the entire period of the epidemic in Ukraine in 2 , 15 times higher than the registered mortality from COVID-19 “, – said the National Academy of Sciences.

According to scientists, recently mortality from coronavirus in Ukraine remained close to 3 percent, hospital mortality rose to a new maximum – 21 percent. In general, in September 2021, mortality for all reasons exceeded the average level of 2015-2019.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced a positive trend that is observed in the situation with the spread of coronavirus. It consists in reducing the number of infected and hospitalized.

According to the latest data, since the beginning of the pandemic in Ukraine, more than 3.3 million people have become infected with the coronavirus, 82 318 have died.