In the United States created a structure for tracking UFOs

Pentagon announced the reorganization of the UFO tracking group objects (UFO). The New York Times writes about this.

It is known that the work of the reorganized Aerial Objects Identification and Synchronization Group (AOIMSG) will be controlled by the military and representatives of special services.

The group will be curated by the Deputy Minister Defense Intelligence Officer Ronald Multree; Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Andrew P. Poppas; and senior officials of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

It is noted that the AOIMSG will focus on the detection, identification and attribution of objects of interest in the air. special purpose space, which includes areas of military operations and training grounds. In such areas, UFOs pose a potential threat to military pilots and national security.

On June 26, US intelligence, in its first UFO report in half a century, at the request of Congress, spoke about the relevant threat and mentioned 144 cases of alleged sightings of unidentified objects. which defy explanation. At the same time, it was especially noted that some objects, “apparently, moved contrary to the known laws of aerodynamics.” However, there is no final decision on what exactly these objects are.



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