In Russia, they decided to block the numbers of telephone scammers before the trial

Gazeta.Ru: Deputy Vyborny allowed the blocking of telephone fraudsters' numbers pending trial said that the State Duma decided to consider the issue of pre-trial installation of control over the numbers of telephone fraudsters and blocking their SIM cards, writes Gazeta.Ru.

The deputy recalled that now in Russia to establish control over the calls of the fraudster and blocking his number requires a court decision. The whole procedure takes about three days, during which an attacker can commit a crime and destroy a SIM card. The elective called on to reduce this “time gap.”

the decision to block, provide access to telephone conversations, establish a location, “he admitted.

According to Vyborny, the issue is being discussed together with the expert community, law enforcement officials and representatives of the judicial system. “If we reach a consensus, then an appropriate bill can be developed and introduced,” he concluded.

Earlier, the Russians were explained the logic of telephone scammers. According to experts, when preparing attacks, they most often take into account two factors – information about the victim and the right time to communicate with him.



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