In Russia, children were taken from a single mother due to faulty wiring

In Rarely, guardianship officers took two children from a single mother due to faulty wiring

children of a 34-year-old single mother due to faulty wiring and a mess in the room, later the woman died, reports

The Russian woman lived with her children in a section of a hostel with three rooms and a kitchen. According to some townspeople, everyone should be deprived of parental rights here, since the conditions there are unsuitable.

Others are sure that the single mother was brought to death. These people began to collect signatures and intend to contact the prosecutor's office.

The mother of the Russian woman, whose children were taken away, noted that her daughter often had a row. According to her, the woman had many enemies. The pensioner explained that the deceased daughter was born with a disability and had mental problems.

Earlier, a single mother with many children from Chelyabinsk reported that an employee of the juvenile affairs unit (PDN) took her eight-year-old son and two younger daughters after how the older boy set fire to a piece of paper in the bathroom.