In Cyprus, children are obliged to be tested for COVID-19 to save Christmas

Reuters: in Cyprus, children from 6 years old were obliged to wear masks and be tested for COVID-19

older to be tested for coronavirus every week. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the country's Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health of Cyprus, Mikalis Hadjipantelas, indicated that children will also have to wear masks in schools and public places. “Only through cooperation and individual responsibility can we overcome the threat of the virus and save Christmas without taking additional measures,” he stressed.

Earlier, the Director of the European Bureau of the World Health Organization (WHO) Hans Kluge predicted the death of half a million people in Europe due to COVID-19. He stressed that the next wave of coronavirus in Europe is observed due to the approaching cold weather, low vaccination rates in a number of countries and the emergence of more infectious strains.