Great-grandmother of 50 great-grandchildren celebrated her 100th birthday and revealed the secret of longevity

The British celebrated the 100th anniversary and advised to maintain a positive attitude for a long life and revealed the simple secret of longevity. This is reported by Metro.

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When asked what is the main secret of her long life, the British woman advised the following: “In fact, there is no secret, but I think it is important to stay positive and try not to worry.”

The mother of 12 children, the grandmother of 37 grandchildren, the great-grandmother of 50 great-grandchildren and the great-great-grandmother of two great-great-grandchildren celebrated their birthday with their family. One of the oldest residents of Great Britain was congratulated by the Mayor of Middlesbrough. He presented her with a certificate and a brooch, and also thanked her for her work at the ammunition factory during the Second World War.

The woman also received a greeting card from Queen Elizabeth II and many wishes in video format from relatives living in other countries. Instead of gifts, Allan asked family and friends to donate money to a hospital aid fund. She wants to send a donation to the department where her late husband Dave was treated.

Earlier it was reported that in Australia, the former aviation mechanic celebrated its 100th anniversary and revealed the secret of her longevity. According to her, this is an interest in modern technologies and a love for sherry.



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