Gigi Hadid changed her hairstyle after ex-lover's abuse of her mother

Gigi Hadid dyed her hair after news of Zayn Malik's violence against her mother the violence of the former lover Zayn Malik against her mother Yolanda Hadid. The pictures are published by the Daily Mail.

The paparazzi captured a celebrity on one of the streets of New York, as she was heading home after dinner with friends. As an outfit, she chose a bright red jumpsuit with zippers, a black turtleneck, a hat and boots. The footage shows that she changed her hairstyle: she dyed her hair in a light shade, extended it and styled it in waves.

According to the publication, the model first appeared after the publication of news about Malik's assault in the direction of her mother in the media media.

In October, Yolanda Hadid said 28-year-old British singer Zayn Malik hit and verbally abused her in an attempt to protect the privacy of her one-year-old daughter. After the incident, the model's mother sued the man, and Malik himself pleaded guilty to misconduct.

Ultimately, the court charged Malik with four criminal offenses. During the trial, he was forbidden to approach Gigi and Yolanda Hadid. He is also required to complete an anger management course and a domestic violence prevention program. The judge appointed him a fine and a probationary period for a year. It is noted that after this incident, the musician's partner decided to break off the relationship.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik had been in a relationship for five years before becoming parents at the end of September 2020. On their daughter Hai's birthday, the couple posted a black and white photo of the baby's hand on Instagram.



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