Galkin had breakfast with sandwiches and showed the kitchen in the castle

Comedian Maxim Galkin filmed the interior of the kitchen in the castle at breakfast with children with kids. The artist captured the interior of the castle kitchen. Galkin posted a video to his Instagram story.

Galkin showed in the video how he and his children – Elizabeth and Harry – have breakfast with sausage sandwiches before they go to school. Some of the walls in the kitchen were painted light yellow, and for the work area they chose a bright shade and tiles with floral and geometric patterns. The artist and his children are seated at an oval table covered with a white tablecloth.

Furniture in the kitchen, including chairs and a wardrobe, is made in a milky shade. In a cupboard-like cabinet, crockery is arranged behind glass doors. A dark colored slab with bronze elements is installed next to it. “We have a traditional early breakfast before school,” Galkin said in the video.

Earlier, Galkin showed subscribers the furnishings in Alla Pugacheva's bedroom. The windows in the singer's room were tightly curtained, and the room was lit by several dim lamps on the bedside tables. The room turned out to be not very spacious – almost all the furniture in it was located close to each other.



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