Europe predicted a rollback in the fight to save the planet because of gas

“Gazprom Export”: in 2021 in Europe, carbon dioxide emissions will grow

European countries in 2021 will face an increase in carbon dioxide emissions due to increased coal combustion caused by gas shortages. This forecast was voiced by Sergey Komlev, head of the contract structuring and pricing department at Gazprom Export, in an article for the corporate magazine of Gazprom, writes TASS.

According to Komlev, the dynamics will be associated with an increase in gas prices due to whereby countries began to use cheaper coal, having reactivated previously closed coal-fired power plants. Thus, he predicted a rollback for Europe in the fight to save the planet, because the abandonment of coal is one of the conditions for reducing harmful emissions.

He also stated the importance of having controlled energy sources in reserve. Komlev recalled that this year the Europeans suffered from bad weather – a weak wind prevented them from generating the planned rates of electricity through wind generators. “Another time, the number of sunny days may fail, and the third time, the low level of water resources of hydropower engineers. Therefore, for such cases, it is necessary to have a reserve in the form of controlled energy sources, which the Europeans did not take care of, “he said.

According to Komlev, it is important not only to ensure an energy turnaround, but also to make it the least painful for the population and the economy. Calls from radical politicians to reduce investment in gas production provoke a shortage, he said.

Gas prices in Europe began to rise in the summer. In early August, gas futures cost about $ 515 per 1,000 cubic meters; on October 6, they set a record, approaching $ 2,000. Against the background of a sharp rise in gas prices, the Europeans had to actively use coal.



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