Apple sues iPhone jailbreak software

Apple will demand to ban Pegasus software for jailbreaking iPhone and spying on users Pegasus iPhone jailbreak software. This is reported on the company's website.

Related materials00: 02 – May 26 Safety factor. Apple released iPad with a processor from a computer. Why does he need such power? 00:02 – March 18 More expensive than moneyThe company demands a ban on the distribution of Pegasus software in order to prevent illegal surveillance of iPhone users. In a statement, Apple claims that the software was created by a government order and purposefully collected information about the actions of the victim. “Organizations like the NSO Group, sponsored by the state, are investing millions of dollars in the development of sophisticated spy technology, in fact, without accounting for their activities. This practice needs to change, “said Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi.

In a statement, the hackers exploited the already fixed ForcedEntry vulnerability. This flaw in iOS allowed a limited number of users to be hacked. As a result of the lawsuits, Apple intends not only to ban Pegasus, but also to compensate legal costs for organizations that conduct research in the field of protecting privacy. Representatives of the corporation believe that the NSO Group not only compromised the personal data of the victims, but also violated US federal law by attacking Apple and its users.

As an additional measure, Apple plans to allocate $ 10 million to support those fighting for personal privacy life of organizations. The company will also notify users who may have been affected by Pegasus.

“Apple is conducting one of the most challenging security engineering operations ever, and we will continue to tirelessly protect our users from attackers like the government-sponsored NSO Group.” – noted Ivan Krstic, director of security systems design.

The use of Pegasus software to spy on activists, journalists and leaders of some countries became known in the middle of summer. The program was developed by the Israeli software manufacturer NSO Group. In September, media reported that the software was being used to wiretap five French ministers.