An unknown person bought “Darth Vader's house”

New York Post: a futuristic house sold in Texas for $ 4.3 million which was named “the house of Darth Vader”. The name of the buyer and the value of the transaction remained unknown, according to the New York Post.

The house is located in Houston, Texas. The housing was put up for sale in the spring of 2021 for $ 4.3 million (at that time more than 315 million rubles). However, in July the price was reduced to $ 3.9 million, in August it was reduced to $ 3.5 million, and in September – to $ 3.09 million.

The futuristic-style house occupies more than seven thousand square feet ( more than 654 square meters). There are four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a spacious living room, kitchen and study. The interior of the rooms is made in a modern style and is complemented by art objects, including a sculpture in the form of a cast of a face.

According to the publication, plastic surgeon Jean Couquière called himself the owner of the house. He built the property in 1992, expanding the property over time. However, Kukier was not inspired by the Star Wars epic. Her idea was to create a dark, mysterious space that would be associated with aviation.

Earlier, after the publication of the announcement of the sale, the design of the building caused discussions on the network. Users suggested that a fictional character and Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor lives in the house. Others have likened the building to a 1980s-style office building.



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