A protected laptop was created in Russia

Rostec presented a new laptop for working with classified data

A new laptop created in Russia allows you to safely store classified data. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

The development of the device was carried out by specialists of the holding company Ruselectronics, which is part of Rostec. The laptop was developed at the Luch plant, which is part of the Sozvezdie concern. “The computer has a domestic MSVS operating system and a Sobol trusted boot module, which provides protection against unauthorized access,” the company said. According to the manufacturers, the device allows you to safely work with data of the “top secret” level.

The laptop is focused on use in the event of field tests of equipment, military exercises and operations. Ruselectronics said that the weight of the presented laptop was reduced by 30 percent without loss of quality thanks to the use of a magnesium alloy. Detailed characteristics of the device were not disclosed.

The general director of the Luch plant Andrey Pestryaev said that the laptop aroused great interest in the oil and gas sector. According to him, a computer allows you to create a reliable IT infrastructure regardless of territorial or climatic conditions.

In the middle of summer, the Russian company 3Logic Group presented a laptop that meets the requirements of import substitution. The laptop was created for government customers and commercial organizations and is not available for general sale.