A new chancellor has been determined in Germany

Germany signed an agreement on a coalition government, Scholz will become the new chancellor coalitions with the parties “Union90/Greens” and the Free Democratic Party (FDP), as evidenced by the report of the publication Die Welt. Now a new chancellor has been defined in the country – it will be the head of the SPD Olaf Scholz.

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The procedure for his election will take place in about two weeks. The deadline is December 8, Deutsche Welle notes.

In the coalition agreement reached, the German government promises to return to the debt brake in 2023, not to introduce any new taxes, to abandon coal in 2030, to modernize the industry and decide social issues related to the lack of housing and child poverty.

Parliamentary elections in the country were held on September 26. The SPD won with 25.7 percent of the vote.



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