105-year-old travel lover reveals the secret of longevity

105-year-old American woman named active lifestyle as the main reason for longevity their longevity. The New Jersey Herald writes about this.

Anne McClain celebrated a momentous date at a nursing home in Newton, New Jersey. A son and a daughter came to congratulate the parent on the holiday. It is reported that the birthday of the centenarian became one of the first holidays for the guests of the boarding house since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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McClain named her daughter, Katie Bitterman, as the reason for the longevity. According to the American, the main thing is an active lifestyle. All her life she was very fond of traveling, traveled with her husband all over Europe and even visited Africa. “Mom was always in great shape. She would rather do something than hang around in front of the TV. When she moved to us at the age of 95, we could barely keep up with her! ” – said Bitterman.

The staff of the boarding house noted that McClain never sits still, walks on his own, takes care of himself and does not experience any serious health problems.

Earlier it was reported that 101- a summer nurse from Canada named the secret to longevity. She believes that it is about giving up bad habits and eating healthy.



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