Vucic called friendship with Russia the reason for Serbia's economic success

Serbian President Vucic: the country's economic success is explained by friendship with Russia and China

Serbia's economic success has become possible thanks to friendship with Russia and China. Thus, the reasons for the development of the country were explained by the Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic in an interview for the YouTube channel “Soloviev Live”.

“We have built more hospitals in the last seven years than in the previous 70, in the last two years, 2020- 2021, we have the highest economic growth rates in the country, about 6.7 percent. Some have -5 percent, while we have +7.5 percent, 7.6 percent economic growth, “the president said.

He also noted that huge investments in the national economy come from the European Union. However, according to him, Serbia's policy should be independent and sovereign. “Serbian policy can never be hostile towards the Russian Federation. I speak openly about this, and I speak about it to everyone in the world, I have never hidden it, ”Vucic added.

On November 16, the Serbian President announced that Belgrade wants to increase purchases of Russian gas to three billion cubic meters in year. Vucic noted that he wants to resolve a number of issues with the Russian side, they relate to the price of gas, volumes, terms of the contract and its flexibility.



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