Virologist doubted the end of the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Russia

Virologist Altstein: the fourth wave of COVID-19 will continue despite a decrease in incidence

The fourth wave of COVID-19 in Russia will continue despite a decrease in incidence, said The virologist, professor of the Gamaleya Center Anatoly Altstein, on the TV channel 360, thus questioning the previously announced data of the researchers.

The number of cases of coronavirus infection has indeed decreased in Russia. The incidence is declining, the specialist noted.

At the same time, the sixth wave of coronavirus infection is taking place all over the world, the specialist is sure.

Alstein urged his compatriots to be more actively vaccinated. This contributes to the improvement of the epidemiological situation.

Earlier, Andrei Isaev, director of the DNKOM Center for Molecular Genetic Research, said that the fourth wave of coronavirus in Russia had ended.

According to him, the number of positive PCR tests for COVID-19 fell to six percent between November 15 and 22. The week before this period, from November 8 to 14, the share of positive results was 11 percent, from November 1 to 7 – 13 percent.