Ukraine initiated the re-election of parliament

Deputy Yuriy Boyko called for early elections of the Ukrainian parliament “For life” called for early parliamentary elections. With this initiative, he appeared on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel.

“I am in favor of re-election of parliament. Moreover, our faction will do everything to make this happen. Because we see no sense in such a parliament, ”Boyko said. He also added that his political force “has mechanisms to speed it up.” “Indirectly, we are becoming accomplices in all their actions,” he said.

On November 4, during the appointment of Aleksey Reznikov to the post of Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Geo Leros showed Zelensky his middle finger from the rostrum of parliament. He stated that he was not afraid to speak the truth and called the president “the main traitor in the country.” After that, his microphone was turned off, and the deputy, showing an obscene gesture, left the podium.



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