Thugs made life of lottery-winning kindergarten employees hell

A Mexican kindergarten that won a large sum was persecuted by criminals pesos (over 70 million rubles). This is reported by the BBC.

It is reported that a preschool from the town of Okosingo in the state of Chiapas in the south of the country, became one of the winners of the government lottery, the results of which were announced in September 2020. The tickets were bought by anonymous donors and donated to the poorest schools and kindergartens across the country.

The employees of the institution and the parents of 20 wards were very happy to win a large sum and decided to spend it on the improvement of the institution. However, they were soon harassed and threatened by the local Los Petules gang. The criminals demanded that the money be spent on arming the gang, as it is at war with a criminal clan from a neighboring city.

The administration and parents refused to obey and spent part of the amount on a new roof for the kindergarten. After it was decided to spend the remaining money on the improvement of the territory around the institution in 2021, the pressure from the bandits intensified.

In March, one of the pupils' parents was shot dead, and in October the criminals attacked women and children, after causing 28 families to flee the city. A spokesperson for the parent committee said that the local authorities were aware of the plight of the families, and until the gang is disarmed and disbanded, they will not be able to return to their homes.

Earlier it was reported that a man in the United States stole lottery tickets for tens of thousands of dollars. The attacker found a vulnerability in automatic ticket vending machines.