The song “Kill the Beggars!” group “Pornofilmy” recognized as extremist

The Ministry of Justice introduced the song “Kill the Beggars!” group “Pornofilmy” to the list of extremist materials

Song of the punk group “Pornofilmy” “Kill the beggars!” recognized as extremist. This was reported on the website of the Russian Ministry of Justice.

The composition was included in the list of extremist materials banned in Russia. It was included in the register on the basis of the decision of the Dzerzhinsky District Court of Volgograd on September 23.

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In an interview with RTVI, the group's director Alexander Rusakov said that he did not know why the track was considered extremist, and admitted that this decision came as a surprise. “We were not summoned to the court or any other authorities, and no one asked for our explanations. It's hard to say what exactly attracted the attention of the Ministry of Justice, “he said.

According to Rusakov, the song is a cover of Kill the Poor by the American band Dead Kennedys. He added that the track expresses an exaggerated attitude of the rich towards low-income people, but, “apparently, someone does not understand this.” The group intends to seek legal assistance.

Last year, the organizers of the concert of the punk band Pornofilmy in Chelyabinsk canceled their performance due to a warning from the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office found in the lyrics of the band's songs “obscene language, information encouraging children to commit actions that pose a threat to life and health, calls for drug use, denial of family values, disrespect for parents.”