The Russian doctor called the case of self-operation of a cancer patient “wild”

Oncologist Pylev considered the independent operation of the 91-year-old blockade woman in Vyborg “game”

Oncologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences Andrey Pylev called the case in Vyborg “game”, where the 91-year-old blockade woman operated on herself without waiting for the help of doctors. His words are quoted by the Telegram channel of the publication.

Pylev noted that due to such actions, the blockade woman could develop an infection of the abdominal cavity and peritonitis. The doctor concluded that the pensioner was just lucky. He noted that the tense ascites, which the patient had, is an indication for emergency surgery, but the intervention should be carried out in a medical hospital.

background of accompanying, substitution therapy. This procedure is always carried out not blindly, but under ultrasound navigation, “the oncologist noted.

Earlier it was reported that in Vyborg, Leningrad Region, an elderly woman with oncology in a state of despair underwent an operation on her own – cut her stomach with a knife to release any liquid that has accumulated there. Before that, she left a suicide note. The doctors managed to save the patient, now she is in the hospital.

A pensioner with cancer will be placed in a medical institution, where she will receive palliative care. This is an approach that will improve the life of a critically ill patient by preventing suffering, treating pain, and providing psychosocial and spiritual support.