The robbers got into an accident on the car of the Russian pensioner they kidnapped

Russians who kidnapped a pensioner will stand trial in the Sakhalin region

Two Russians who kidnapped a pensioner and got into an accident in front of his car court in the Sakhalin region. This was announced on Tuesday, November 23rd, by the regional department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

According to the investigation, in March a 66-year-old Russian stopped his car in the village of Ilyinskoye, where two men approached him and asked to bring them to the regional center, the victim agreed, because he was on the way. After some time, fellow travelers asked for a stop and attacked.

Threatening with a knife, they took away cash and documents and ordered to transfer money from the card. But the pensioner was able to mislead the robbers, explaining that he did not know how to use online payments, but was ready to withdraw money from an ATM.

ATM. However, their haste let them down – the bandit who got behind the wheel picked up too high a speed, which led to the car dropping to the side of the road.

The hostage managed to get out of the car, after which he was helped by passing motorists who called the police to the scene of the incident … In court, the robbers will have to answer under Article 162 (“Robbery”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, 166 (“Unlawful seizure of a car”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and 126 (“Kidnapping”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.



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