The reasons for the appeal of psychologists to other psychologists are named

Psychologist Khristosenko: psychologists can also have psychological problems colleagues. He told Vechernyaya Moskva about this.

Khristosenko said that the experts seek help because they may also have psychological problems. He noted that one specialist always needs another, more competent, as a supervisor. “This is a person who, when contacting him, certifies that everything is in order with the psychologist, that he is in an adequate state and does not lose touch with reality,” the writer explained. In his opinion, if there is no such inspector, then the expert should not be allowed to work.

Among the requests that are discussed at such receptions, problems with relationships, money and implementation were named. Khristosenko noted that most psychologists in Russia are experiencing difficulties due to a lack of clients and funds.

According to Khristosenko, a specialist who does not have a view of his beliefs from the outside looks at reality in a distorted way. The consequences can be the imposition of his point of view on clients and bias in the use of tools, he explained.

Earlier, psychologist Dmitry Sinarev revealed ways to deal with total bad luck. He recalled that everything in life has a cause-and-effect relationship, and if something goes wrong, you need to change the algorithm of actions. Sinarev added, added that the difference between successful people and eternal failures in relation to what is happening and the ability to draw conclusions.



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