The monk lost two million dollars due to the lack of a bank account

Bangkok Post: 2 million stolen donations returned to monastery abbot in Thailand , and returned them to the 100-year-old abbot Phra Ratchamongkhon Watcharachan. The money was intended for the construction of a new pagoda and for the monk's medical needs, according to The Bangkok Post.

Over 63 million Thai baht (approximately $ 2 million) have been donated to the monastery. Local parishioners told that the money was gone. The case was opened at the end of October. The parishioners themselves were accused of stealing those who are responsible for “economic issues in the monastery.” In fact, the monk lost money precisely because of the lack of a bank account: since most Buddhist monasteries in Thailand do not have a legal entity and corresponding bank accounts, other people are usually involved in the transfer of funds.

According to investigators, theft is indeed guilty is the civil administrator of the monastery, who had to credit the money to the bank account after he received it from the abbot. Instead, the alleged culprit deposited the entire amount in seven accounts belonging to him and two accomplices. When they were caught by the police, they voluntarily agreed to give the money back.

According to the police general, this still does not absolve them of responsibility for the crime. Therefore, the police are continuing their investigation.

In March, officers of the criminal investigation department in Rostov-on-Don detained a suspect in stealing the relics of St. Alexander Svirsky from a local church.