The mayor of Kharkiv explained a large number of accidents in the city by good roads

Kharkiv Mayor Terekhov: a large number of accidents in the city are associated with high quality roads in the town. He spoke about this during a visiting meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Law Enforcement, reports the Telegram channel of the publication.

Terekhov answered a question about the large number of car accidents in his city and explained that they occur because of the high quality of the road surface in Kharkov.

He added that as soon as the authorities make a good intra-block road, local residents immediately ask them to install speed bumps. “They drive along this road, children leave the playground – and problems begin,” the mayor said.

Igor Terekhov became the mayor of Kharkov in October. In the last elections, he won 50.66 percent of the vote. Prior to that, he served as secretary of the Kharkiv city council and interim mayor of the city.