The man who declared himself a “black alien” removed two healthy fingers on his hand

An ex-security guard covered in tattoos declared himself an alien and amputated two fingers covered the entire body with tattoos and removed two healthy fingers on his left hand for the sake of an image. This is reported by LADbible.

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33-year-old Loffredo went to Mexico to make yourself an operation to remove two healthy fingers on your hand. The man said that he plans to amputate the fingers on his right hand in the near future and noted that so far his transformation is only 34 percent complete.

The Frenchman had the desire to conduct experiments with the body nine years ago, when he worked as a security guard … Realizing that he did not live the way he would like, the man dropped everything and flew to Australia. “I like to get into the role of a scary character,” the former security guard admitted.

Earlier it was reported that Loffredo completely covered his body and eyes with tattoos, cut off his nose and ears, and also cut his tongue in two to resemble an alien. In the forehead and cheeks, the Frenchman inserted small implants, and also pierced the eyebrows.