The infectious disease specialist spoke about the next jump in the incidence of COVID-19

Infectionist Voznesensky: the next jump in the incidence of COVID-19 is expected in January “, when we can expect the next sharp jump in the incidence of COVID-19.

” If we focus on the increase in the incidence of other acute respiratory viral infections, which we track annually, the jump is observed in the second half of January, “the specialist said.

The infectious disease specialist noted that this is due to the departure of schoolchildren and students for vacations and holidays in adults. “As a result, epidemic chains are formed and new cases of infection are formed, then everyone comes back and begins to actively transmit the virus from the infected to the healthy,” Voznesensky explained.

Whether the fifth wave of coronavirus will come in Russia depends on the formation of herd immunity and on how widespread vaccination will become, the infectious disease specialist believes. He added that “today we cannot even boast of vaccinating 40 percent of the population with a double dose of the vaccine.”

the wave of COVID-19 in Russia has come to an end.



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