The guy helped the girl's family with setting up the router and got into an awkward situation

The guy on Reddit set up a router for the girl's family and got into an awkward situation because of gay porn

A Reddit user described how he helped his girlfriend's family with setting up a router and got into an awkward situation. When the guy was checking the device, the mother of his lover noticed a search query regarding gay porn on the laptop screen. As a result, the hero of the story decided that he appeared in an unfavorable light in front of the partner's parents and that now they consider him a lover of such videos.

According to the author of the publication, the girl asked him to set up the router. When the narrator was done with his work, he decided to test how the device was functioning. For this, the guy decided to make a search query on Google. The guy typed a random combination of letters on his laptop in the search engine line and pressed Enter. The search results unexpectedly turned out to be the porn site Porhnub. “One of the search results [on Google] was 'Hgfjfgjfg Gay Porn Gif Pornhub',” the user explained.

The hero of the story added that his girlfriend's mother saw the browser page with this request. According to the author of the publication, he tried to explain to the woman where gay porn came from on the screen of his laptop, but the situation became even more awkward because of this. “Now my future father-in-law and mother-in-law think that I watch gay porn,” the guy complained.

Many Reddit users reacted to the author's story with jokes. They imagined how a guy could answer his girlfriend's mom. “Of course, I watch gay porn, the only woman I'm interested in is your daughter,” wrote RRC_driver. “Sorry, but this is not my request history,” another user joked. Commentators advised the narrator in the future, when checking the operation of the device, to search not by a set of letters, but by “safe” words like “kitten” or “test.”

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