The final of the “Digital Breakthrough” will be held in Innopolis

More than 1,300 IT specialists will take part in the final of the “Digital Breakthrough”

The place and dates of the final stage of the “Digital Breakthrough” competition, which is being held by the autonomous non-profit organization “Russia – the Land of Opportunities”, have been announced. The competition will take place on December 2 – 4 in Innopolis.

1333 people qualified for the Digital Breakthrough finals. During the seven months of the competition, the participants developed 879 solutions. More than 50 thousand people competed in the semifinals of the third season, and about 100 thousand people took part in the third season.

The final will feature 12 cases from the Ministry of Digital Industry of Tatarstan, Rosatom, Transport Innovations of Moscow, Accenture, VTB, Rosseti, Rostelecom, PSB, RBK, Beeline, Hyper AdTech, and the Ministry of Energy.

General Director of the autonomous non-profit organization “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” Alexey Komissarov emphasized the importance of the competition for the formation of a professional community of IT specialists.

“One of the main achievements of the competition is the formation of a strong professional community. More than 257 thousand people are involved in the events of the competition for three seasons, and almost 100 thousand of them – this year alone. 1223 teams took part in the thematic hackathons of the third season. And 4,943 developers became the competitors of the IT championship on machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, who created 8,831 solutions – twice as many as last year. The final of the competition will take place on December 2 – 4. The main victory for us is that such a large community of digital economy professionals is being formed, which is capable of solving the most ambitious tasks of business, government agencies and our entire country, “Komissarov said.

In Innopolis for 48 hours the contestants will work on solving problems, as well as participate in other events. Teams will also compete online and in 18 regional IT hubs.

“The city was not chosen as the venue for the event by chance. In addition to the first IT university in Russia in Russia and a special economic zone for technology-innovative companies, the city of Innopolis is also a testing ground for new technologies and digital solutions. It is important for us to create and maintain conditions for the development of the IT industry in our country. I hope that the participants who come to Innopolis will be inspired by the atmosphere of the youngest and most technologically advanced city. I wish good luck to all the participants of the competition! Welcome to Innopolis! “, – Ruslan Shagaleev, the mayor of Innopolis noted.

The head of the project office of the Digital Breakthrough competition Sergey Plugotarenko noted that the decisions of the best participants of the third season are already being implemented in practice.

“The result of the IT championship is more than 8 thousand decisions. It is also important for us that the decisions of the participants of the “Digital Breakthrough” find their embodiment and be implemented in practice. And this year there are many such examples. We are looking forward to new innovative solutions based on the results of the final hackathon, ”said Plugotarenko.

The curator of the project team of the competition, Tatiana Golubovskaya, told that the film “Hackatons. Life after the Digital Breakthrough. ”

“ We develop a community of not only members, but also our experts. And that's why in September we introduced a new tool – HiPro Digital Expert. This is a community of experts included in the TOP-30 rating based on the results of all hackathons for the season of the competition, as well as an incentive program for them. The program is based on rating – a comprehensive assessment of an expert's work at hackathons in key competencies, which allows him to be successful in working with teams of participants. And another achievement of this year's season – TsP-TV. Our team has shot seven real films, and Digital Breakthrough's online broadcasts have already gained 7.5 million views. This is a huge number of interviews, more than 1,500 speakers, analytical materials. This is a real knowledge base and a source of inspiration not only for teams, but also for all spectators, “said Golubovskaya.

The Digital Breakthrough competition is held within the framework of the Social Elevators for Everyone federal project of the Education national project .