The doctor has listed products for weight loss

Doctor Pigareva: sea fish, olive oil and avocado will help you lose weight Yulia Pigareva has listed products that contribute to weight loss. She told the agency “Prime” about this.

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According to her, fatty sea fish, olive oil and avocado will help improve fat metabolism and reduce body weight. However, consuming them in large quantities, on the contrary, promotes weight gain, the doctor warned.

The expert added that coffee, pineapple and green tea, which are considered to be weight-loss foods, in fact are not. A competent diet for a person on a diet should include complex carbohydrates, the right fats, protein and fiber, Pigareva summed up.

Earlier, the British dietitian Michael Mosley named ways to help eat less and lose weight faster. In particular, he said that one of the main enemies of losing weight is the presence of junk food in the house. The doctor believes that willpower is greatly overestimated, and if a person knows that he has harmful and tasty foods in his apartment, then he will most likely eat them. The most dangerous moment for losing weight, according to a specialist, comes in the evening after work, when we decide to relax and watch a movie or TV series.

Earlier it was reported that Mosley named a drink that promotes weight loss, and explained in what proportions and when to use it. He recommended that weight loss and health-conscious individuals drink a glass of water before every meal.



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