The danger of “black mold” affecting eyesight after COVID-19 for Russia is assessed

Infectious disease specialist Malyshev: there is no threat of an epidemic affecting eyesight “black mold” in Russia , which caused irreversible visual impairment in COVID-19 patients, does not threaten Russia. So the threat of the spread of the disease in a conversation with “” was assessed by the former chief infectious disease specialist in Moscow, Professor Nikolai Malyshev.

“There are more than 1,500 infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi alone. And with what we (doctors) just do not meet. Yes, you need to be on your guard, but this should not cause much alarm. The threat of this spreading in Russia is unrealistic. Isolated cases can be for various reasons. Including imported ones, but there is no particular danger here, “he said.

Nikolai Kryuchkov, an immunologist, candidate of medical sciences and general director of Clinical Excellence Group, also agreed with Malyshev's opinion. He assessed the danger of “black mold” for Russia and explained that mucormycosis is a fungal disease, and the fungi themselves are in the nature around us and even in food that is not stored properly. Healthy immunity successfully copes with them and does not allow infection to develop.

In Russia, there are no factors that would contribute to the spread of “black mold”

According to the expert, these include the climate, overcrowding of the population and widespread unsanitary conditions.

“But COVID-19 appeared as a powerful evidence of immunosuppression. A number of drugs are also used to suppress the immune system, which can affect the fact that some people who are most weakened can develop this mucormycosis under the coincidence of circumstances. These are not common cases. Probably dozens of cases, “Kryuchkov said in an interview with

He noted that Russia is not threatened by an epidemic or an outbreak of mucormycosis like the one in India. “It's another matter that such cases will appear and as the epidemiological process grows, they will increase. More people get sick, more people get seriously ill, more people need immunosuppressive therapy. All this leads to the fact that such cases happen, “the infectious disease specialist summed up.

Earlier, a radiologist, candidate of medical sciences and head of the department of radiation diagnostics in Ilyinsky warned about the appearance in Russia of cases of a new consequence of the coronavirus – mucormycosis hospital in the suburbs Pavel Popov. The disease was diagnosed in one of his patients two months after the coronavirus.

The first and isolated cases of “black mold” in Russia became known in the summer of 2021. Alexandra Gorelova, deputy director for scientific work of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, also noted that the threat of the spread of the disease in the country is minimal.



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