The British will be obliged to build houses with chargers for cars

The UK government will oblige to supply buildings with electric car chargers from 2022 for electric cars. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson should announce the creation of the relevant law at the Confederation of British Industry, according to Sky News.

The authorities expect that 145 thousand car chargers will appear on homes annually. The stations will be installed not only in residential new buildings – after major repairs, they should be supplied to any buildings that have ten or more parking spaces. From the ports, it will be possible to “refuel” any electric car, as well as to charge the battery in a hybrid.

The new initiative will be part of the government's strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will help to move away from cars on internal combustion engines in favor of more environmentally friendly analogues. The service company RAC Limited noted that the installation of charging equipment in one building will cost an average of £ 800 (79.7 thousand rubles) – the state should sponsor the work.

The Netherlands also decided to introduce new rules for the construction buildings. Starting in 2025, at least 20 percent of wood or other environmentally friendly materials will need to be used in the construction of houses in Amsterdam. Municipal authorities expect in this way to reduce the harm to the planet from steel and concrete, the production of which emits a large amount of greenhouse gases.



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