The authorities of the Leningrad region commented on the situation with the blockade who operated on herself

The authorities of the Leningrad region called the situation with the blockade cancer patient a coincidence are given in the Mash Telegram channel on Moika.

She explained that the elderly woman was twice treated at the Vyborg interdistrict hospital. Regarding ascites, she was recommended to undergo an operation and was sent to an oncological dispensary.

Putronen added that now the Russian woman is in the hospital and receives palliative care. “If relatives and doctors agree, the elderly woman will be transferred to a hospice,” added a regional government official.

The incident became known a day earlier, on November 22. A resident of Vyborg could not stand the inaction of the doctors and, out of desperation, made incisions in her abdomen in order to release the fluid accumulated there, which appeared as a result of a complication caused by cancer. Before that, the pensioner left a suicide note addressed to her daughter and grandchildren.