Svetlichnaya ended up in a psychiatric clinic

Actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya ended up in the hospital due to cerebrovascular lesions

brain. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to its own source.

It is noted that initially she was in the hospital due to heart problems. During the treatment, her behavior and emotional state changed. At the same time, in its Telegram account, the Zvezda TV channel clarifies that it is about being in a psychiatric clinic.

On October 25, Svetlichnaya was reported missing. A relative of the celebrity contacted the law enforcement agencies, who said that the star of the “Diamond Hand” had disappeared and had not been in touch for several days. A large-scale search for the star was organized: about 40 volunteers posted more than two thousand leaflets in three administrative districts of Moscow, and the walking groups walked more than 30 kilometers.

On October 26, it became known that Svetlichnaya was found. She was found alive and well on the set of a talk show.