Specialized federal departments confirmed Moscow's readiness for winter

Pyotr Biryukov: Moscow utilities and fuel and energy companies received winter readiness passports

winter readiness passports. This was announced by the deputy mayor of Moscow in the Moscow government, Pyotr Biryukov.

“Based on the results of the inspections, the prefectures of the administrative districts received from the specialized structure of Rostekhnadzor passports of readiness for work in the winter period; noted Pyotr Biryukov. – Passports of readiness were also issued by PJSC MOEK and JSC Mosgaz.

“This means that all power facilities, heat, gas, electric networks and utilities of the city are fully ready for work in winter,” the deputy mayor emphasized. “They are able to provide high-quality and reliable heat supply to the capital, uninterrupted supply of resources to consumers, which is confirmed by the relevant federal agencies.”
Peter Biryukov recalled that all residential buildings and significant social facilities – more than 74 thousand deadline – September 1.

“The city services carried out a complex of hydraulic and temperature tests on heating networks to identify possible violations, prepared CHP, boiler houses, heat points and stations, water supply, sewerage, gas and electric networks,” said the Deputy Mayor. “All systems and equipment were thoroughly checked and tested to ensure their uninterrupted operation.” 23 percent, water supply – 53 percent, power grids – 19 percent and sewerage – 41 percent.

“The achieved indicators of system reliability and capacity redundancy make it possible to stably provide consumers with resources in the autumn-winter period,” stressed Pyotr Biryukov. “The city has created fuel reserves – 365 thousand tons for coal, 378 thousand tons for fuel oil and 24.9 thousand tons for diesel fuel.”

over 1.4 thousand emergency teams have been trained for possible emergency situations. They are equipped with specialized equipment, emergency sources of electricity and heat supply.