Sberbank will host the first blockchain hackathon

Participants in the hackathon from Sber will receive advice on the project from specialists Sberbank platform. Each participant will be able to get advice on the project from specialists and become one of the first owners of products on the platform. The winners will receive cash prizes.

Teams will be able to try their hand at creating decentralized solutions in two areas: NFT and DeFi. Contestants will be offered to develop wallets, content storage services, integrations, token exchange services and much more.

The jury of the competition will include leading experts in the field of blockchain and corporate business development. For example, the director of the Sberbank Blockchain Laboratory Oleg Abdrashitov, the director of the Transaction Business Division of Sberbank Sergey Popov, top managers of other banks and technology companies.

“There are already 200 billion dollars in the world under the control of decentralized financial services, built on the blockchain. But these services work only with cryptocurrency, and therefore their advantages, such as transparency, reliability and elimination of intermediaries, are not yet available to most people. Our platform is a tool for transferring these services to the world of classical finance, where they will revolutionize. We want to build partnerships with blockchain developers, to enable their products to become future “Google” and “Amazons” of the most promising trend in the financial system, “said Sergei Popov, director of the Transaction Business Division of Sberbank.

Register to participate in the blockchain hackathon, please visit the competition website.