Sber will bring designers together for an interdisciplinary conference

Sberbank Vice President Vlad Kreinin: we are all designers in some way

On December 12, 2021, the first digital conference SberDesign Conf. Everyone can register for free and take part in an event where leading Russian and international design experts will speak.

SberDesign Conf will become a platform for discussing how design has evolved from a narrow specialty into a huge industry and penetrated all areas of our life. Why is Russia noticeably lagging behind Western countries in the applied development of design and how is the meaning of design changing in everyday life today? How have the preferences of the consumer changed – the very client for whom a new design, new possibilities, new organic matter is being created? These questions will serve as a starting point for an exchange of views within the framework of the conference.

The program includes 15 sessions devoted to digital design, architecture, fashion design, design in cinema, design from the point of view of artificial intelligence technologies, from the point of view of psychology. “Since design is everywhere, and this is both industrial design and the design of any objects and devices, it is interesting to involve as many people as possible in thinking,” noted Vlad Kreinin, Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing and Communications at Sberbank. “I think we are close to a situation when yesterday a person was engaged in architecture, and today he designs digital cities and digital interfaces, when a person was engaged in fashion yesterday, today he shoots video content as a director and vice versa.”

One of the key Speeches at the conference will tell the story of the evolution of design by Ross Lovegrove, a British artist and industrial designer who pioneered the creation of the first samples of Sony and Apple gadgets. He will share his predictions of what new ideas in design can be expected by consumers and the industry itself.

Why even a film director can be called a designer today, and how the director's profession is evolving, will tell Klim Shipenko, Russian film director, screenwriter, producer and actor. a participant in space flight within the framework of the scientific and educational project “Challenge”.

“We are all in some way designers who create something new from an idea to the embodiment of new forms, new opportunities for people, new emotions, impressions, content, technologies – this is the meaning of SberDesign Conf: to show the design in its various aspects, “Vlad Kreinin emphasized.