Russians were named a way to get rid of spam on WhatsApp

Oberon Director Pyatunin: to fight spam on Instagram, you need to set up a private mode

Oberon IT Director Dmitry Pyatunin named ways to spam on social networks and messengers. He shared his recommendations for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram users to get rid of unwanted messages in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

Methods of dealing with spam on Instagram for personal and business profiles are different, Pyatunin noted. “For personal accounts, setting up a private mode and rules for adding to groups is suitable, for example, only in the case of self-subscription to the account of the initiator of the community,” said the specialist. The interlocutor of the publication also advised the Russians to block unwanted follow-up requests and send a message to Instagram with the reason for the refusal. This helps the moderation system to block spam accounts, Pyatunin added.

Instagram business accounts, according to the expert, can protect themselves from spam by setting up alerts. Owners of such profiles can turn off notifications for requests to add to groups. In addition, Pyatunin recommended to users special applications for automating work in business profiles.

Pyatunin urged Facebook users to report spam to moderators. This can be done using the “Complain” button.

The specialist called the “Privacy” section setting as a method of combating mass mailing in WhatsApp. In it, users have the opportunity to select from a list of contacts people who can invite them to the group. The function is available in the latest version of the messenger, Pyatunin specified.

An Oberon employee also announced a method for countering spam in small open groups in Telegram. For this, the specialist specified, a simple bot-moderator is needed. “It will provide a temporary restriction on the rights of new group members – a ban on adding pictures, a restriction on sending messages by timing,” Pyatunin said.

Earlier, the head of the ESET product and service technical support department spoke about an effective way to get rid of calls scammers. The expert recommended using the “Antispam” function in Android smartphones.