Russian woman became famous on the network because of the appearance of Scarlett Johansson

A resident of Moscow gained thousands of subscribers on TikTok due to her resemblance to Scarlett Johansson American actress Scarlett Johansson. This is reported by the British edition of the Daily Mail.

At the moment, more than 10 million people have subscribed to the account of 25-year-old Ekaterina Shumskaya on TikTok, and her videos have received a total of 182.8 million likes. The videos, in which the blogger demonstrates her appearance and disguises herself as Johansson's heroines from superhero films, gain hundreds of thousands of views every day.

The Russian woman said that her classmates were the first to call her a celebrity double. After graduating from high school, she did not know how to capitalize on her resemblance to a Hollywood actress, so she started working as a sales manager for a construction company in Maykop.

According to Shumskaya, she was not satisfied with the salary, and therefore she decided to move to Moscow for the sake of a modeling career, despite the lack of support from relatives. “My parents were against my move because they didn’t want me to give up a stable job,” the Russian woman explained.

In conclusion, the heroine of the article noted that at the moment her income is several times higher than the salary of the previous worker. location. “The profession of a cosplayer does not exist in Russia, so I would like to temporarily live in other countries to do my favorite thing,” Shumskaya emphasized.

In November, another woman became famous on social networks because of Bella Hadid's appearance … 20-year-old Nely Ayd, who works in the catering industry, has gained an audience of 37 thousand people on TikTok. According to the star, her popularity does not go beyond social networks, and strangers never stop her on the street, confusing her with a model.