Russian doctor dispels myths about allergies

Doctor Prodeus: if you suspect an allergy, you cannot take antihistamines yourself on Channel One, Andrey Prodeus denied popular misconceptions associated with allergies. The specialist dispelled myths in a post published on Instagram.

According to the TV presenter, allergy is one of the most common chronic diseases today. Prodeus said that the disease occurs when the human body begins to give out an atypical reaction to an irritant to which it had not previously responded in any way, for example, to oranges, house dust or birch pollen. “This reaction can be of different intensity – from insignificant to deadly, as in the case of anaphylactic reaction to bee or wasp stings,” he said.

Prodeus noted that the symptoms that arise with allergies are varied – they can easily be confused with poisoning or mistaken for SARS. “Therefore, it is important to know about the possibility of an allergic reaction and contact a specialist in time for diagnosis,” he said. The doctor emphasized that if you suspect an allergy, you cannot take antihistamines on your own and haphazardly. As the specialist explained, therapy should be prescribed by an allergist after a comprehensive examination.

The immunologist also said that in some cases, allergies can be confused with food intolerances. For an allergy to manifest, a person needs to eat even a small piece of the product, Prodeus specified. If nothing happened from the piece, but a rash appeared from a kilogram of the product, this is already a manifestation of food intolerance. In addition, the specialist said that urticaria can be not only a consequence of allergies: it can appear on the skin when a person is under stress, very nervous, worried about something.

Previously, the host of Channel One. listed the precautions to take after meeting someone with a coronavirus infection. It is important, he said, to reasonably limit contacts and take the test. Prodeus also recalled that the incubation period of the virus is about five days.