Russia was scared of “green protectionism”

Foreign Minister Lavrov: The EU does not take into account the interests of other countries in the climate agenda does not take into account the interests of other countries. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the international forum of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), TASS reports.

The minister noted that the developed Western countries at the conference on climate change in Glasgow, Scotland tried to oblige all other states to abandon environmental pollution. Lavrov saw this as a threat to the development of countries. He called the balance between climate protection and the interests of the socio-economic development of states as the key to the Russian position. The minister promised that Russia will seek a non-discriminatory approach to the energy transition. “We will insist on the fullest possible consideration of the specifics of all states without exception,” Lavrov said.

The minister also warned of the risks of “green protectionism” and scared Western partners that such an approach could negatively affect international efforts to combat with climate change. He noted that it is necessary to be guided by scientific methods. “We are promoting the concept of forming universal and transparent rules in the field of climate regulation and low-emission development, we intend to continue to proactively participate in negotiations aimed at developing measures to preserve a favorable environment for human life,” the Russian Foreign Minister stressed. >

The conference in Glasgow, Scotland was held from October 30 to November 12. As a result, the countries developed a plan for the implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement, one of the goals of which is the transition to zero carbon dioxide emissions. By the beginning of the conference, Russia presented its own plan for the transition to carbon neutrality by 2060 while maintaining sustainable economic growth.



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