Russia allowed the resumption of criminal proceedings on the recommendation of the UN

The Supreme Court of Russia may authorize criminal proceedings on the recommendation of the UN This follows from the draft ruling of the plenum of the Russian Supreme Court, which RIA Novosti quotes.

This procedure is acceptable if the violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights revealed cannot be corrected “in a different order, and their elimination is necessary to ensure justice a court decision that has entered into legal force, “the document says.

The draft resolution of the plenum of the Supreme Court of Russia also provides other grounds for the resumption of proceedings. These include, for example, a false expert opinion, the provision of a forged document as evidence.

It is emphasized that the draft resolution must undergo editorial revision.

Earlier it was reported that Russian courts began to regret owners of banks going through bankruptcy proceedings and abandon a harsh approach to them with a deliberately accusatory bias.

Subsidiary liability of owners and managers of companies occurs when they cannot pay off their obligations with their assets, and the court comes to the conclusion, that the bankruptcy was the result of deliberate actions of top managers or owners.