Rosaviatsia called the reasons for the errors of aircraft pilots

Izvestia: Rosaviatsia pointed out flaws in aircraft cockpits pilots can make mistakes. Izvestia writes about this.

According to the department, the close location and the same shape of the controls of various systems can lead to engine shutdown, landing gear retraction and wing mechanization. Among other shortcomings, the regulator named the inconvenient location of the toggle switches, as well as the lack of protection against accidental button presses.

However, the Federal Air Transport Agency also pointed out errors that occur due to the human factor. Thus, there is a risk of an accident due to a lack of interaction between pilots, or the pilot may deviate from standard operating procedures. In addition, an error may appear due to the lack of mutual control and confirmation of operations, overloading operations of one of the crew members in the absence of assistance from the other, inaccuracy, inattention, distraction, as well as haste of decisions and actions.

On November 20, it became known about the incident with the Sukhoi Superjet (SSJ) aircraft of the Azimut airline. According to preliminary data, the crew commander mistakenly pressed the emergency landing gear release button when the plane was at an altitude of 10 kilometers, which provoked a dangerous rapprochement between the SSJ and another plane. When the aircraft flew in the Krasnodar region, data on the loss of the satellite navigation system signal were repeatedly triggered in the cockpit. To turn off these alerts, the pilot wanted to press the Alert cancel button, but accidentally pressed the emergency landing gear release. These buttons are 10-15 centimeters apart. This led to the fact that the landing gear was released at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour with the maximum allowable speed of 472 kilometers per hour.

Earlier in Russia, there were several emergency situations due to errors in aircraft control. So, in 2014, a cadet of the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation confused the tumblers on the DA-40NG training aircraft and accidentally turned off the engines during takeoff. The accident killed a student and instructor.



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